Plegmund's Bridge

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Plegmund's Bridge
Plegmund's Bridge
Blood and Wine
West of the Coronata Vineyard, Sansretour Valley
Fast-travel point Notice board

Fast-travel point Plegmund's Bridge is an important stone bridge in the Blood and Wine expansion. At the northeastern end a small dwelling is the location of an auction, during Wine Wars: Belgaard. It is also the location of the Toussaint Office of Internal Revenue.

Map description[edit | edit source]

Built during the reign of Duchess Caroberta, this bridge was meant to facilitate traffic between vineyards on opposite banks of the Sansretour. It was named after a pilgrim quite popular in Toussaint at the time, a certain disciple of the Prophet Lebioda who on this very spot performed one of his many miracles: traversing the river without getting his feet wet.

Associated quests[edit | edit source]

Notice board Notice board[edit | edit source]

Undiscovered Locations unlocked.

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