Olive Grove

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Olive Grove
Olive Grove
Blood and Wine
Northeast of Dun Tynne

Olive Grove is a small grove with a cottage located Northeast of Dun Tynne.

In the grove you can find a hooded woman standing near a small shack marked as Guarded treasure. She is not aggressive and asks to be left alone if you try to talk to her.

If you examine the shack, you'll find a dead body. You can listen to the woman and leave the body undisturbed, but if you search it, among various items you'll find a diary, which will reveal that the body belonged to Sir Christophe Dugarry who wanted to pay his wife, Seraphine's, lover to leave her.

However after disturbing the body the hooded woman is revealed as a bruxa and attacks. If you kill her and search her body, you'll find Letter from a lover in her possession, which reveals her real name - Xymena. It was she who had an affair with Seraphine. Xymena most likely used Seraphine as a source of blood, thus the reason Seraphine started looking anemic.

The found diary also notes that a whole flock of birds flew over the grove and you can actually observe many birds in that area, which fits the affinity bruxae have with birds.