Milan Raupenneck

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Marshal Milan Raupenneck of Tretogor was a Redanian military officer and a notorious racist. Famous for the saying "A good elf is a dead elf", he was responsible for the massacres at Loc Muinne and Est Haemlet.

In The Witcher computer game[edit | edit source]

In the Temple Quarter, Geralt can overhear a racist conversation that contains the comment "it's like Raupenneck said: the only good elf is a dead elf."

In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings[edit | edit source]

In Chapter II, a book devoted to his story can be purchased from Felicia Cori. On Iorveth's path during Chapter III, upon the approach to Loc Muinne's entrance, the elven commando repeats Raupenneck's infamous saying to Geralt when they notice the heavy presence of Order knights.

Iorveth elaborates on Loc Muinne's history as the pair infiltrate the former elven town. He notes that soon after the spread of human settlement, "Marshal Raupenneck then swiftly proved himself more deadly than all diseases combined. He attacked at night, murdering all the city's inhabitants. Most families died in their homes. The fires raged for days."